IPL : Who is the loser ?

Since last 3 yrs one new fever emmerged especially for the cricket fans, “Indian Premier League”. This fever strikes form Mid-March to April end. This blog is to just point out the effects/side-effects.

There is so much discussion happenning since IPL is invented that if this is the true sport or its just a business. Well.., it depends upon us as what we want to see. If you just want to see full family enterrainment, it provides. If you want to see a sport, it provides. Its always better to see an exciting IPL match rather than tradionioal Indian TV serials. I have seen so many people around me who never watch or follow international cricket matches but for IPL, they keep track of even match schedules too. So the game popularity is ofcouse increased. Players are getting good pay, corporate people are making loads of money. so whats wrong with the IPL to blame.

If we see other side of the coin, there is also a lot to talk about. With so much money involved with IPL, eventually there you can see players who do not want to represent their country at international level and are happy to play few seasons with IPL and make maoney. Other major worry is tight cricket schedules of cricketers and demands of the game. Players play heavily without rest in IPL matches and are getting injured and makes them unavailable for international matches. We saw this example in last year T20 worldcup with key indian players injured during IPL and we cant even reach to semifinals. Franchizee owners spend so much money to players so they always want that their key players must play in all the match. And a cricketer is also not robot so he has to play at the cost of its national team. This eventually degrades national team quality.

Other major worry is the amount of Match-fixing & betting involved with the IPL. There are so much speculations that peopleinvolved in IPL are making money by betting on the matches. If we follow IPL somewhat deeply, we can clealry see the doubts abt match-fixing. Not just bookies, the IPL has encouraged common people for the betting too. I am seeing lots of people around me who are involved with this kind of unsocial things.

I am not saying that IPL is bad thing and should be baned. NO. It has ofcourse increased cricket popularity, players’ skills & values, provides better entertainment than soap-operas. Its upto us to take it in a good manner. Its we who are making society and its our responsibility to take things in right manner.

So dont be loser by encouraging unwanted and unsocial things, just sit down on ur sofa, have a popcorn and drink and enjoy d game…:)

Lets hear what ur say on this…

A Playing Legend…

Dear friendz,

The scorecard on the cricket match played on 24-2-2010 between India and South Africa was
showing a 200 not out by a single batsman. Well… it was not a test match inning in which
it can be done but it was a 50 overs One Day International. And anyone who understands
cricket a bit can easily think that to make 200* in one 50 overs inning is not something
like to fold a paper.  Whoelse has courage, skills, patience and passion of achieving such a
feat other than our very own SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.

One Day International cricket, since its 1971 inception had to wait nearly four decades to
see a batsman scoring 200 in a single game. And its an honour for all the cricket lovers in
the world that it came from bat of the most deserving player of all time. We all know abt
Sir Vivian Richards,  Alan Border, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Lara, Sanath Jaysuriya, Ricky
Ponting etc…All are great players, but if you want a complete package of a true
batsmanship, noone comes to an inch closer to Sachin Tendulkar. At 36, in his 21st year in
the game, he has been playing with the enthusiasm of a 16-year-old again. And dont just
compare him with the statistics,by statistics noone can even reach at half of what he has
done, but also throughout his crystal clean career, he has managed to keep himself calm,
composed, motivator for others and always hungry to make runs for his country.

There is lot of critisism made on such a great players like that when Sachin makes century,
India cannot win, Sachin has not played when it mattered the most etc.., but these all
things are rubbish. What more a player can do than scoring runs for his team. And Sachin has
all the answers for his critics with the bat in his hand.

“Like Bradman, Tendulkar has not merely been a cricketer but a symbol of sustained
excellence, not just a role model but a metaphor for his country’s aspirations, not just a
sporting genius but a sociological phenomenon.”

Still the road is not ended, still Sachin has mammoth task ahead to achieve the 2011
worldcup for his crores of cricket loving fans. Lets wish him all the luck and may Almighty
showers all the blessings to him.

Truly a Playing Legend…!!!

Welcome to MS world

Hi friendz

Warm welcome to all of you guyz. My name is Mohit Shah, a Software Engineer, web application developer.

This is my first ever post in blog and I would like to have suggetions from you guys to build this blog. You all are invited to suggest whatever topic you think  to discuss.  So please put down your comments here.

Thanks & Warm Reards,

Mohiit Shah.